Our cutting-edge patented technology allows users to seamlessly keep track of their workout regimens, monitor performance, and receive pre-workout, realtime, and post-workout guidance from a virtual assistant and/or a personal trainer. With 1 granted patent and allowable subject matter soon to be granted in a second patent, Metric Mate is sure to generate efficiencies in your workout no matter whether you're a beginner or seasoned gym goer.  Metric Mate alleviates the need to manually write your workouts on paper or cumbersomely type them into a mobile app, neither of which provides you with realtime feedback and guidance based on your data.

Metric Mate takes your typical gym and makes it smarter and improves the experience for gym members.


No need to cary multiple workout devices, metric mate simplifies your workout and tracks all of your results in a simple way.


Receive nutritional guidance from an expert within the metric mate app.